Santa Claus in Spokane, Santa's Christmas Den 

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Kimberly M. | 5 years ago
It was a really great place. The kids really enjoyed it and it certainly beats going to the mall to see Santa and being rushed through. They took their time with the kids and they were able to talk to Santa for quite awhile. Plus the whole set up was pretty nice! We will definitely be back next year! :

Stephanie H.
Report | 5 years ago
My boys, 7 and 3, had an amazing time! It wasn't just pictures ~ it was an experience and a complete/total visit with Santa vs. being thrown on his lap, a picture snapped and you're done. We will definitely be back next year.

Diane B.
Report | 5 years ago
I'm so glad I discovered Santa's Den through Groupon because I didn't know about it. Santa was very personable & my grandsons really enjoyed him. He spent time with my grandsons telling them about the "North Pole", "Rudolph's nose", & much more. The pictures were also the best. This was a much better experience than when we would go to the mall to see Santa. My son & daughter-in-law were also very impressed with Santa & Santa' Den.